Inspired by a blog post I read this morning from Tony Schwartz at HBR (via @occupationalpsy) about his plan for 90-minutes of productivity each morning I have been reflecting on my own strategy for productivity.

Yesterday is a great example: I was working from home (on PhD work). I was at my desk at 8.15 and worked solidly (with 1 tea break!) until my stomach started rumbling at 12.15. This is pretty typical – I am always really productive in the morning.

Post-lunch (15 minute break) I’m back at my desk. I try to read…end up looking at twitter…I try to write…check BBC news. An hour later and I’ve only done 20 minutes of work. By 3pm I’m feeling really sleepy and more than a little frustrated at my lack of productivity.

So yesterday, at 3pm I got up and went out to run an errand and while I was out planned ni my head what I was going to do when I got back. I got fresh air and something off my “personal admin” to do list completed and when I came back I sat down to a couple more hours of productive work.

Schwartz makes some really good points about planning tasks and knowing your own rhythm. Next week, I am determined to apply this and avoid that post-lunch slump. Productivity here I come!

One final word from the Savage Chickens on the art of productivity…

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